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The Wig Company Taunton is a unique specialist clinic situated in the heart of Taunton, Somerset where you can be assured of a warm welcome and a relaxed environment.

With 25 years experience in the hair industry we are confident that we can make you feel and look great whatever your lifestyle and circumstances. We cater for all hair and scalp conditions and thrive on making every client feel happy and confident.

Looking after our clients is our priority and we aim to give the highest quality service. We can personalise wigs and hairpieces or custom make to your requirements. We are the only Wig and Hairloss Clinic in the Taunton, Somerset area that is committed to supplying, cutting and styling both ladies’, gentlemen’s wigs and children’s wigs.


Whether a wig is needed for medical reasons such as alopecia or chemotherapy, as part of Gender Transition, to enhance confidence and well-being or to bring a touch of glamour to life, we will help customers to choose and style. We have thousands of products to choose from and a wide range of products for sale in our town centre clinic. From headscarf’s to turbans, sleep caps to wig glue, brushes, double-sided tape, head caps and extension clips. Anything you need to complete or maintain a look can be bought from us today.

The Wig Blow Dry Bar is now open!

If you have bought a wig from us the service is always free for you. This is all included in your purchase price.


If you want to change your wig colour or add colour and shine and you have bought a wig from us this service is also always free! This is all included in your purchase price.

For more information about your free (one hour) wig consultation, which can be carried out at the salon or your home please contact us on 07484 073882. We can even make special trips to hospitals if needed.


Night Wigs

Even though it is incredibly tempting to sleep in your wig after a long day, it is important that you don’t. A wig specifically designed for sleeping can be purchased and this is called the ‘Night’ Wig. For £499 you can choose from five base colours.

Hair loss in women


Female hair loss can have a dismaying or even devastating influence on a woman’s quality of life, not least because hair loss is, often wrongly considered, a less significant psychological and emotional problem for women than it is for men. Too often, a woman’s hair loss is not taken seriously by family or friends or even by a woman’s personal physician.

While hair loss itself can present psychological and emotional problems for a woman, failure of others to recognise the seriousness of these problems, may contribute to psychological and emotional effects that can range from decreased self-esteem to anxiety and depression.

Female hair loss may also be overlooked as a “normal” phenomenon. Gradual hair loss is often associated with ageing. Temporary hair loss is often associated with pregnancy. Very often, women have pattern hair loss that “runs in the family”.

Hair loss in a woman should never be considered “normal”; however, the cause should be pursued until a diagnosis is established. Of the many causes of hair loss in women, only a few such as ageing, hormonal changes associated with pregnancy and hereditary pattern hair loss may be considered “normal”. Treatment is available for hair loss due to these conditions, and treatment should be considered when hair loss influences the woman’s quality of life.

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